Weston: The conquest of the Miao-tse

Stephen Weston: The conquest of the Miao-tse. An imperial poem by Kien-lung entitled A Choral song of Harmony for the first part of the Spring. […] From the Chinese (London: Printed & Sold by C & R. Baldwin. New Bridge Street, Black Friars, 1810)

Bibliographic reference: Löwendahl, vol. 2, p. 59 (no. 745) Digitized: Continue reading

Éloge de la ville de Moukden

Hongli [Qianlong Emperor]/Joseph Amiot (transl.)/Joseph De Guignes (ed.): Éloge de la Ville de Moukden et de ses environs; poème composé par Kien-long, Empereur de la Chine & de la Tartarie, actuellement régnant. Accompagné de Notes curieuses sur la Géographie, sur l’Histoire naturelle de la Tartarie Orientale, & sur les anciens usages des Chinois; composées par … → Continue reading

Breitenbauch: Lebensgeschichte des …. Kienlong

The German writer Georg August von Breitenbauch (1731-1817) published this biographical sketch of the Qianlong 乾隆 Emperor (r. 1736-1796) together with notes on the Chinese Empire. Breitenbauch reported the death of the emperor for the year 1786. The Qianlong Emperor actually died in February 1799, three years after he abdicated in favour of his son, … → Continue reading