To indicate  which library/libraries holds/hold a certain title in the bibliography, the following abbreviations are used:

Duplication (e.g. „ONB | ONB“) indicates that the library holds two (or even more) copies of a certain title.


For many titles presented in Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0, bibliographic references are provided. To keep the entries brief, this page lists reference works.

  • BS
    Henri Cordier, Bibliotheca Sinica. Dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages relatifs à l’empire chinois. [Six volumes bound in three] (Staten Island : Maurizio Martino n.d. [1997])
    Reprint of the revised and greatly enlarged second edition, which was issued over the period 1904-1922.
    This reprint  contains the index, which was done as a separate volume in 1953.
  • ESTC
    English Short Title Catalogue lists title published mainly in the British Isles and North America between 1473 and 1800 (from  collections of the British Library and over 2,000 other libraries)
  • Graesse
    Jean George Théodore Graesse, Trésor de livres rares et précieux: ou, Nouveau dictionnaire bibliographique, 6 parts in 7 volumes, 1 supplementary vol.  (Leipzig: Kuntze, 1859-1867).
  • GV 1700-1910
    Gesamtverzeichnis des deutschsprachigen Schrifttums 1700-1910 (Munich: K.G. Saur, 1979-1987).
  • Jansen
    Thomas Jansen: China-Literatur in der Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig: 1500-1939. Vol. 1: Werke in westlichen Sprachen (Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2003)
  • Löwendahl
    Björn Löwendahl, Sino-Western relations, conceptions of China, cultural influences and the development of sinology disclosed in Western printed books 1477-1877. The catalogue of the Löwendahl – van der Burg collection (Hua Hin: The Elephant Press, 2008)
  • Lust
    John Lust, Western Books on China published up to 1850 in the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. A Descriptive Catalogue (London: Bamboo Publishing, 1987).
  • Pfister
    Louis Pfister, Notices biographiques and bibliographiques sur les jésuites de l’ancienne mission de Chine 1552-1773 (Variétés Sinologiques, Nos. 59-60; Chang-hai: Imprimerie de la Mission Catholique, 1932-1934).
  • VD 17
    Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachraum erschienenen Drucke des 17. Jahrhunderts
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