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Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 has a new URL:

Please update your bookmarks to follow us for the re-start.

After more than 10 years, the 5000th entry was published on Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 yesterday:

digital objects from approximately 200 different repositories/digital collections/digital libraries from around the world 5000 entries providing a minimum of one link to a free-access digitized book on China with frequent updates and additions of newly available digital copies 2 contributors … → Continue reading

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If you want to correct a mistake, add a resource, or have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0

In Chinese History. A New Manual (2013) [1], Endymion Wilkinson mentions the Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 in the „Keeping up to date“-chapter under „76.4.2. Bibliography“ on page 986 – directly after Cordier’s monumental Bibliotheca Sinica:

Wilkinson, Chinese History. A New Manual (2013) p. 986. | Photo: … → Continue reading

Laures Rare Books seems to be offline

Update: Laures Rare Books database is back on-line. (August 29, 2011)

Sophia University’s Laures Rare Books Database seems to be off-line at the moment. (August 25, 2011)

Keeping track of updates

Whenever new digital copies of titles (different editions, different languages, etc.) are located, the respective entries are updated.

A convenient way to keep track of these updates is our twitter feed BS_2. The tweets of this feed are now displayed in the sidebar.

Japanese Digital Collections back online

Laures Rare Book Database and University of Tsukuba Digital Collection seem to be back online.

Laures Rare Book Database | Sophia University (Tokyo) Tulips | University of Tsukuba


Performance problems …

Due to some changes on the servers housing this blog, strange things (huge font sizes etc.) happened earlier today.

While are trying to circumnavigate these problems, the blog design might change considerably, the basic functions, however, should be working as usual…

Under Construction …

We are updating Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0.

Basic function should remain intact – design/fonts/colours might look strange during this process.

Some Japanese Digital Collections currently offline

Some of the digital collections of Japanese institutions are currently off-line, e.g.:

Laures Rare Book Database | Sophia University (Tokyo) University of Tsukuba

Still online at the moment are:

Doshisha University KURENAI (Kyoto University Research Information Repository) Nichibunken (International Research Center … → Continue reading



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