After more than 10 years, the 5000th entry was published on Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 yesterday:

  • digital objects from approximately 200 different repositories/digital collections/digital libraries from around the world
  • 5000 entries providing a minimum of one link to a free-access digitized book on China with frequent updates and additions of newly available digital copies
  • 2 contributors x 10 years x 52 weeks x about 2 hours (average amount of time, sometimes more, sometimes less) =  2080 hours + numerous hours dealing with administration, trouble-shooting, etc.

Time to say good-bye to this project in the current form/format.

The blog is an archive, it will be monitored to keep things stable, but there will be no updates and no new entries (exceptions may occur).

Monika Lehner
Georg Lehner


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