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Variétés sinologiques on BS 2.0 | An Overview

This post lists volumes of Variétés sinologiques mentioned in Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 – further volumes will be added continuously.

No. 1 > BS 2.0 No. 2 > BS 2.0 No. 3 > BS 2.0 No. 4 > BS 2.0 No. 5 > Continue reading

Keeping track of updates

Whenever new digital copies of titles (different editions, different languages, etc.) are located, the respective entries are updated.

A convenient way to keep track of these updates is our twitter feed BS_2. The tweets of this feed are now displayed in the sidebar.

Wiener China-Bibliographie

For some years, the „Wiener China-Bibliographie 1477-1939″/“Western Books on China in Libraries in Vienna/Austria, 1477-1939“ was online on static web-pages, listing about 2900 titles on China found in Viennese libraries.

To make updating easier, the bibliography is now part of this blog. Any updates, cross-references and/or additional links … → Continue reading