Pauthier: De l’authenticité de l’inscription nestorienne de Si-ngan-fou …

Guillaume Pauthier: De l’Authenticité de l’Inscription nestorienne de Si-nan-fou relative à l’introduction de la Religion Chrétienne en Chine dès le VII° siècle de notre ère (Paris: B. Duprat 1857).

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Carus: The Nestorian Monument

Paul Carus (ed.): The Nestorian Monument. An Ancient Record of Christianity in China. With special reference to the expedition of Frits V. Holm […]. Containing: Mr. Holm’s account of how the replica was procured, the original Chinese text of the inscription, A. Wylie’s English translation, and historical notes on the Nestorians (Chicago: The Open Court … → Continue reading

Saeki: The Nestorian Tablet in China

Yoshio Saeki: The Nestorian monument in China (London: S. P. C. K. 1928 [reprint; first published 1916])

Digitized: Internet Archive (book contributor: University of Toronto, digitizing sponsor: MSN) Entry in Wiener China-Bibliographie (referring to a 1937 edition)