Ogilby [tr.]: Atlas Chinensis

Atlas Chinensis : Being a second part of a relation of remarkable passages in two embassies from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Vice-Roy Singlamong and General Taising Lipovi, and to Konchi, Emperor of China and East-Tartary : with a relation of the Netherlanders assisting the Tartar against Coxinga, and the Chinese fleet, who till then were masters of the sea, and a more exact geographical description than formerly, both of the whole empire of China in general, and in particular of every of the fifteen provinces collected out of their several writings and journals, by Arnoldus Montanus ; English’d, and adorn’d with above a hundred several sculptures, by John Ogilby, esq., master of his majesty’s revels in the Kingdom of Ireland.  (London : printed by Tho. Johnson for the author, and are to be had at his house in White-Friers, MDCLXXI [1671])

The volume (frequently attributed to Arnoldus Montanus/A. van den Berg) includes an abridged English translation of Olfert Dapper’s Gedenkwaerdig Bedryf (1670) by John Ogilby and some material

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