Nicholls: A new map of Great Tartary and China

[Sutton Nicholls/Nicolas de Fer:] A new map of Great Tartary and China : with the adjoining parts of Asia taken from Mr de Fer’s map of Asia. Sutton Nicholls sculp.; dedicated to William Duke of Gloucester (S.l. : s.a., [before 1700])

  • Digitized: (DOI: 10.3931/e-rara-33737)
  • Note: Map, copperplate (35 x 49 cm), [Appr. 1:15 840 000] (E 28°56′-E 00°00’/N 82°00′-N 21°10′)
  • No copy listed in Wiener China-Bibliographie

This map is plate 29 in:
[Edward Wells:] A new sett of maps both of antient and present geography, wherein not only the latitude and longitude of many places are corrected, according to the latest observations; but also the most remarkable differences of antient and present geography may be quickly discern’d by a bare inspection or comparing of correspondent maps; which seems to be the most natural and easy method to lead young students (for whose use the work is principally intended) unto a competent knowledge of the geographical science. Together with a geographical treatise particularly adapted to the use and design of these maps. By Edward Wells M.A. and student of Christ-Church, Oxon. Imprimatur, Gu. Paynter Vice-Can. Oxon. Sept. 28. 1700. (Oxford: printed at the Theater, An. Dom. MDCC. [1700])


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