[Bajkov]: Land-reys van Saedor Jacowits Boicoof […] na China; gedaan in het jaar 1653

Land-Reys Van Saedor Jacowits Boicoof, Uytgesonden voor Ambassadeur van den Czaar van Moscovien, Na China; Gedaan in het Jaar 1653, Behelsende den Aart der Tarters en Cathayers; als mede hunne Woon-plaatsen, Kleedingen, &c. Nu aldereerst uyt sijn Oorspronkelijke Taal overgeset, Met Noodig Register verrijkt. (Leyden: Pieter Vander Aa 1707)

Fëdor I Bajkov (fl. 1653) led the first Russian official embassy to China.
This Dutch version of the account on this embassy is based on Latin and/or French versions published in Thévenot’s collections.

Latin version:
„Relatio ablegationis quam Czarea Majestas ad Catayensem Chamum Bogdi destinavit, ann. M. DC. LIII.“ In:

[Mélchisédec Thévenot:]  Relation de divers voyages curieux., qui n’ont point esté publiées ou qui ont esté traduites d’Hacluyt, de Purchas et d’autres voyageurs anglois, hollandois, portugais, allemands, espagnols et de quelques persans, arabes et autres auteurs orientaux...  IVe partie. (Paris: André Cramoissy 1672)

  • Digitized: (T. 4 [1672]) gallica (pp. 13-16)
  • Bibliogrpahic reference: BS 2464

Melchisédec Thévenot:] Relations de divers voyages curieux : qui n’ont point esté publiées, est qu’on a traduit or tiré des originaux des voyageurs françois, espagnols, allemands, portugais, anglois, hollandois, persans, arabes & autres orientaux. T. 2 (Paris: Thomas Moette 1672)

For the French version:
See the chapter „Voyage d’un ambassadevr que le tzaar de Moscovie envoya par terre à la Chine l’année 1653 “ in:

[Melchisédec Thévenot:] Recueil de voyages de Mr Thevenot: Dédié au roy (Paris: Estienne Michallet, 1681)

  • Digitized: Google Books (Original from Ghent University, digitized 31 May 2011) [account begins with new pagination after p. 43]

[Melchisédec Thévenot:]  Recueil de voyages de Mr. Thevenot dedié au roy (Paris: Michallet 1682)

German version:
Published as an Appendix to Andreas Müller: Abdallae Beidavaei Historia Sinensis (Jena: Bielkius 1689):
„Anhang. Zwor Reisen. Die Erste Eines Moscovitischen Gesandten nach China. Die Andere Herrn Zachariae Wagners, Aus der Chrufrüstl. Sächsischen Residentz-Stadt Dresden /  Durch ein groß Theil der Welt / Und unter andern Auch nach China. (Berlin: Gedruckt bey Christoff Runge [s. a.])“

  • Digitized: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb10622133-5) [„Anhang“ starts on p. 93 of digital copy]
  • Bibliographic reference: BS 2465

English version:
„An Account of two voyages: The First of Feodor Iskowitz Backhoff, the Muscovite Envoy into China. The Second of Mr. Zachary Wagener, a Native of Dresden in Misnia, thro‘ a great part of the World, and also in China. Trnaslated from the High Dutch Original Printed at Berlin“. In:

Awnsham Churchill/John Churchill/John Locke:  A collection of voyages and travels: some now first printed from original manuscripts, others now first published in English. To which is prefixed, an introductory discourse (supposed to be written by the celebrated Mr. Locke) intitled, The whole history of navigation from its original … Vol. 2 (3rd ed. London: Printed by assignment from Messrs. Churchill, for H. Lintot 1744), pp. 467-478)


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