Le Coq: Die Buddhistische Spätantike in Mittelasien

Albert von Le Coq: Die Buddhistische Spätantike in Mittelasien. Ergebnisse der Kgl. Preussischen Turfan-Expeditionen (Berlin 1922-1933)

Record of items collected by the four German expeditions to Central Asia. The German expeditions were organized between 1902 and 1914. The first expedition was led by Albert Grünwedel, a specialist in Indian studies, and surveyed various areas in Khocho, Sangim and Murtuq. The second expedition was joined by Albert von le Coq, and principally carried out excavations around the Turfan Oasis. The third expedition also conducted excavations in Turfan and also in Kucha, Kumtura, Kizil and Kharashahr. The fourth expedition implemented thorough studies of the area around Kucha, and also visited Achik-ilek, Subash and Tumschuq near Maralbashi.
Volume Information Volume 1 to 5 of 7 Volume Sets

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