Dermann: Cultum defunctorum … de quo apud et ob Chinenses controvertitur

Adolph Friedrich Dermann: Cultum defunctorum, uti viget inter pontificios et eum imprimis, de quo apud et ob Chinenses controvertitur, breve sub examen vocat, ac summe Rev. Facult. Theol. in Acad. Lips. consensu, præside domino Gottlob Frid. Seligmann SS. Theol. Doct. et Prof. Publ. Ordinar. […] ad diem XI. Septembr. Anno M.DCC.III. […] (Lipsiæ: Literis Immanuelis Titii, [1703])

A treatise on the ancestor worship of the Chinese, one of the main subjects of the Rites Controversy, written by Adolph Friedrich Dermann (1680-1734)

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