Pfizmaier: Über den Berg Hoei-Ki

August Pfizmaier: Über den Berg Hoei-Ki (Wien: Verlag der K.K. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei 1859)

Treatise on Kuaiji Shan 會稽山 [sometimes read Huijishan]. a range of mountains south of Shaoxing 紹興 in Zhejiang province. Yu the Great (Da Yu 大禹 ), the legendary founder of the Xia Dynasty is said to have died while hunting on Kuaiji shan, his mausoleum is in the vicinity of Shaoxing.

This version is an off-print from  Sitzungsberichte der phil.-hist. Classe der k. Akad. der Wiss., November 1858, XXIX. Bd., pp. 10-16.

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