Esop’s Fables written in Chinese

意拾喻言 Esop’s Fables written in Chinese by the learned Mun Mooy Seen-shang, and compiled in their present form (With a free and a literal translation) by his pupil Sloth [i.e. Robert Thom] (Printed at the Canton Press Office, 1840).

Robert Thom (1807-1846), who „spent some years in Venezuela, Mexico and France“ came to China in February 1834. In 1839 he published a translation of a Chinese tale and his translation of Esop’s Fables into Chinese „has been highly praised“. In 1840 he entered the British government service as interpreter. From March 1844 until his death he served as first consul at Ningbo (see Couling, Encyclopaedia Sinica, p. 554).

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