Gabiani: Incrementa Sinicae Ecclesiae

Incrementa Sinicæ Ecclesiæ, a Tartaris oppugnatæ, accuratâ & contestatâ narratione exhibita Patri Nostro in Christo P. Joanni Paulo Oliva, Societatis Jesu Præposito Generali. Per P. Johannem Dominicum Gabiani, ejusdem Societatis. è Sinarum Imperio Anno Salutis M.DC.LXVII (Viennæ Austriæ: Typis Leopoldi Voigt, 1673).

Giandomenico Gabiani SJ (1623-1694) reported on the situation of the Chinese Empire after the takeover of the Manchus and their establishment of the Qing dynasty, on the development of the Roman Catholic missions in China during the persecutions by Qing authorities in the 1660s, and on the exile of the missionaries in Guangzhou (Canton)

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