Mumm: Ein Tagebuch in Bildern

Philipp Alfons Mumm von Schwarzenstein: Ein Tagebuch in Bildern [meinen Mitarbeitern in Peking zur freundlichen Erinnerung an ihren Chef Alfons von Mumm, kaiserlicher ausserordentlicher Gesandter und bevollmächtigter Minister] (Berlin 1902)

An album of photographs taken by Philipp Alfons Mumm von Schwarzenstein (1859-1924), German minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary to China (1900-1906) and Japan (1906-1911). Mumm came to China in the fall of 1900, to succeed Klemens von Ketteler, who had been murdered by the „Boxers“ in June 1900.

„[…] an oblong photographic album bound in leather and cloth, with the single title Ein Tagebuch in Bildern („A Diary in Pictures“) in the center, and a bright coat-of-arms on the top left corner“ (Régine Thiriez, Barbarian Lens. Western Photographers of the Qianlong Emperor’s European Palaces (Amsterdam: Overseas Publishers Association, 1998), p. 101).

On Mumm see Neue Deutsche Biographie 18 (1997) 581 f. (Franz Lerner) [in German]

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  • ML

    The volume is considered ‚rare‘ – besides the one digitized by Toyo Bunko, copies are listed in the catalogs of the National Library of Australia and the Library of Congress (among others)

  • Julia Boyd

    I wonder if you could very kindly tell me where Alfons Mumm von Schwarzenstein’s album of photographs of Peking etc is located?