Medhurst: Dictionary of the Hok-këèn dialect

Walter Henry Medhurst 麥都思 (1796-1857) was an English Congregationalist missionary to China, who was part of a project to revise a translation of the Bible into Chinese. He was a prolific author/compiler and – among other publications – compiled a number of dictionaries.

His Dictionary of the Hok-këèn Dialect of the Chinese Language published in 1837 is considered the first existing romanized dictionary of Southern Min (閩南語) compiled by western missionary. See:  Ang, Ui-jin:  A List of Historical Materials: Language Category [台灣文獻書目題解: 語言類] (Taipei: NCL-Taiwan 1996), pp. 197-259.

Walter Henry Medhurst: A dictionary of the Hok-këèn dialect of the Chinese language according to the reading and colloquial idioms: containing about 12,000 characters. Accompanied by a short historical and statistical account of Hok-këèn. (Macao: Printed at the Honorable East India Company’s Press, by G. J. Steyn and brother 1832)

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