Berkey/Nelson: Geology and prehistoric archeology of the Gobi Desert

Charles Peter Berkey/Nels C. Nelson: Geology and prehistoric archaeology of the Gobi Desert. (=American Museum novitates ; no. 222; New York City: American Museum of Natural History 1926)

Digitized: American Museum of Natural History Bibliographic reference: – No copy listed in Wiener Chinabibliographie

Wallace: The big game of central and western China

Harold Frank Wallace: The big game of central and western China. Being an account of a journey from Shanghai to London overland across the Gobi desert (London: J. Murray 1913)

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Francis Younghusband: The Heart of a Continent

Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942): The heart of a continent: a narrative of travels in Manchuria, across the Gobi desert, through the Himalayas, the Pamirs, and Chitral, 1884-1894. (London, J. Murray, 1896 [4th ed.])

Digitized: > Internet Archive (provenance: Harvard University) > Hongkong University | China Through Western Eyes (cf. Continue reading



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