Chambers: A dissertation on oriental gardening

In his Designs of Chinese Buildings (1757), William Chambers (1723-1796) had briefly mentioned the aesthetics of Chinese gardens. His Dissertation on Oriental Gardening (first ed. 1772) opposed the trend towards gardens with unplanned appearance by explaining the Chinese garden as an „artistically enhanced natural space designed to evoke emotions“ (Marcia Reed/Paola Demattè (ed.): China on … → Continue reading

Krafft: Plans des plus beaux jardins pittoresques …

J. Ch. Krafft: Plans des plus beaux jardins pittoresques de France, d’Angleterre et d’Allemagne, et des edifices, monumens, fabriques, etc. Qui concourrent a leur embellissement, dans tous les genres d’architecture, tels que chinois, egyptien, anglois, arabe, moresque, etc. Plans of the most beautiful picturesque gardens in France, England, and Germany, and of the edifices, monuments, … → Continue reading