Chambers: A dissertation on oriental gardening

In his Designs of Chinese Buildings (1757), William Chambers (1723-1796) had briefly mentioned the aesthetics of Chinese gardens.  His Dissertation on Oriental Gardening (first ed. 1772) opposed the trend towards gardens with unplanned appearance by explaining the Chinese garden as an „artistically enhanced natural space designed to evoke emotions“ (Marcia Reed/Paola Demattè (ed.): China on Paper. European and Chinese Works from the Late Sixteenth to the Early Nineteenth Century (Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute 2007) p. 214).
To answer critics of his treatise, Chambers published a second, enlarged edition in 1773, adding a rebuttal of his critics attributed (falsely) to the artist Tan Chet-qua (fl. 1769-1772), one of the first Chinese who visited England. For further details see Reed/Demattè (2007) p. 214.

William Chambers: A dissertation on oriental gardening (London: Griffin 1772)

William Chambers: A Dissertation on oriental gardening. 2. ed., with additions, to which is annexed an explanatory discourse, by Tan Chet-qua. With an introduction by Richard Quaintance (London: Printed by W.Griffin 1773)

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French edition:
[William Chambers:] Dissertation sur le jardinage de l’Orient par Mr. de Chambers. Ouvrage traduit de l’anglais, avec plusieurs additions fournies par l’auteur (Londres: Griffin et al. 1772)

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German version:
[William Chambers:] Ueber die orientalische Gartenkunst. Eine Abhandlung aus dem Englischen des Herrn W. Chambers (Gotha: Carl Wilhelm Ettinger 1775)

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See also Chambers‘ Traité des édifices, meubles, habits, machines et ustensiles des Chinois : gravés sur les originaux dessinés à la Chine (1776) and his Desseins des edifices, meubles, habits, machines, et ustenciles des Chinois (1757)

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