Kaempfer: The history of Japan

Engelbert Kaempfer (1651–1716) traveled to Russia, Persia, India, South-East Asia, and Japan between 1683 and 1693. His writings were the chief source for European knowledge about Japan: Amœnitatum exoticarum politicophysicomedicarum fasciculi V, published in 1712, is especially important for medical observations and the first extensive description of Japanese plants – and his … → Continue reading

Kaempfer: Amoenitatum exoticarum politico-physico-medicarum fasciculi V …

Engelbert Kaempfer: Amœnitatum exoticarum politicophysicomedicarum fasciculi V : quibus continentur variæ relationes, observationes & descriptiones Rerum Persicarum & Ulterioris Asiae, multá attentione, in peregrinationibus per universum Orientem, collectæ(Limgoviae [Lemgo] : Typis & Impensis Henrici Wilhelmi Meyeri, Aulae Lippiacae Typographi 1712)

Digitized: > e-rara.ch (Persistent Identifier (DOI) 10.3931/e-rara-11438) > Wolfenbütteler Digitale … → Continue reading