Graves: A brief narrative …

Edward Graves: A brief narrative and deduction of the several remarkable cases of Sir William Courten, and Sir Paul Pyndar, Knights; and William Courten late of London Esquire, deceased: their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, together with their surviving partners and adventurers with them to the East-Indies, China and Japan, and divers other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and America: faithfully represented to both houses of Parliament. Reduced under four principal heads, viz. I. The discovery and plantation of Barbadoes. II. Their undertakings, and expeditions to the East-India, China and Japan. III. The Denyal of justice upon their civil actions depending in Holland and Zealand. IV. Their loanes and supplyes for the service of the Crown, upon the collection of fines and compositions out of the Popish recusants estates, &c. Recollected out of the original writings and records, for publick satisfaction. (London : [s.n.], printed in the year 1679)

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