Translations of the Peking Gazette [1874-1899]

Translation of the Peking Gazette for … [1873-1899], Reprinted from the North China Herald and Supreme Court and Consular Gazette (Shanghai 1874-1900)

Translations of excerpts from the Jingbao 京报 [lit. „Capital Report“], which had been published in other newspapers. (On this practice see: Natascha Vittinghoff: Die Anfänge des Journalismus in China (1862–1911). (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2002), pp. 193-196). The Jingbao contained information on official memoirals submitted to the emperor, and on decisions made. Although the common English name „Peking Gazette“ suggests some kind of newspaper/periodical, the Jingbao more like a government gazette. Many Chinese newspapers reprinted the jingbao (or parts of it) and translations were published in English-language newspapers published in China.

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