Floyer: The physiscians pulse-watch …

John Floyer: The physician’s pulse-watch; or, an essay to explain the old art of feeling the pulse, and to improve it by the help of a pulse-watch. In three parts. I. The Old Galenic Art of Feeling the Pulse is describ’d, and many of its Errors corrected: The true Use of the Pulses, and their Causes, Differences and Prognostications by them, are fully explain’d, and Directions given for Feeling the Pulse by the Pulse-Watch, or Minute-Glass. II. A New Mechanical Method is propos’d for preserving Health, and prolonging Life, and for curing Diseases by the help of the Pulse-Watch, which shews the Pulses when they exceed or are deficient from the natural. III. The Chinese Art of Feeling the Pulse is describ’d; and the Imitation of their Practice of Physick, which is grounded on the Observation of the Pulse, is recommended. To which is added, An Extract out of Andrew Cleyer, concerning the Chinese Art of Feeling the Pulse. By Sir John Floyer, Knight. (London : Sam. Smith 1707-1710)

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