Foucquet/Dereham/Guillemeau: An Explanation of the new Chronlogical Table of the Chinese History

[Jean-François Foucquet/Tho. Dereham/Eustache Guillemeau:] „An Explanation of the new Chronological Table of the Chinese History, translated into Latin from the Original Chinese, by Father Johannes Franciscus Foucquet, Soc. Jes. Bishop of Eleutheropolis, and published at Rome in the Year 1730 [sic!]. Collected from two Accounts thereof, written in French, one sent from Rome by Sir Tho. Dereham, Bart. to the Royal Society, the other sent from Father Foucquet to Father Eustache Guillemeau, a Barnabite at Paris, and by him transmitted to Sir Hans Slonae, Bart. Pr. R. S.“ In: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, XXXVI (1729-1730) pp. 397-424.

The „Explanation“ explains Foucquet’s Tabula chronologica historiae Sinicae (1729).

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