Bayer: De eclipsi sinicâ

Theophilus Siegfried Bayer: De Eclipsi Sinica Liber singularis Sinorum De Eclipsi Solis quae Christo in crucem acto facta esse creditur : Indicium examinans et momento suo ponderans (Regiomonte: Mart. Hallervordii heredes 1718)

Bayer discusses the solar eclipse reported to have been observed in China in 31 BCE and the „darkening of the sky over Golgata‘ (Matthew 27,45/Lucas 23,44. The appendix gives basic instructions on the Chinese language. Lundbæk reads it as a preview of Bayer’s grammar (published in Museum sinicum (1730)). See: Knud Lundbæk, T. S. Bayer (1694-1738). Pioneer sinologist. (London & Malmö: Curzon Press 1986) 31-38, cf. Löwendahl 0334.

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