Erichsen: Die ostindische Mission der Triester Börse

Peter Erichsen: Die ostindische Mission der Triester Börse. Summarischer Bericht (Triest: Weis, 1846)

P. Erichsen: Missione alle Jndie Orientali della Borsa di Trieste rapporte sommario (Trieste: Weis, 1846)

Erichsen was sent to the East Indies to report on the conditions for the establishement of commercial relations between the Austrian Empire and the most important ports of Asia. On his journey to the east (1843-1845) he also visited Hongkong, Macau and the five newly opened treaty ports. The report was also published in Italian (Missione alle Indie Oirentale della borsa di Trieste, 1846)

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