Ch’en: The economic principles of Confucius

Ch’en Huan-chang [Chen Huanzhang 陳煥章]: The economic principles of Confucius and his school. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Political Science Columbia University (New York 1911).

Chen Huanzhang (1881-1933) born in Guangdong Province „received his early training“ under Kang Youwei. After his studies in the United States (1907-1911), Chen returned to China (1912). He was the founder of the National Confucian Association and editor of the Confucian Association Monthly.
On Chen see Who’s who in China. Biographies of Chinese leaders. 5th ed. (Shanghai: The China Weekly Review, 1936 [?]) p. 27 f. (link to full-text), Zhongguo jindaishi cidian 中國近代史詞典, sixth printing (Shanghai: Cishu chubanshe, 1985) 393.

(updated: 11 June 2016)

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