Steele (tr.): The I-li, or Book of etiquette and ceremonial

John Clendinning Steele (tr.): The I-li, or Book of etiquette and ceremonial. Vol. 1. (London: Probsthain & Co. 1917)

The Yili 儀禮 (lit. „Etiquette and Rites“) or ‚Book of Etiquette and Ceremonial‘ is a text about Zhou Dynasty rituals and is one of the „three ritual texts“ (together with the Zhouli 周禮 ‚Zhou Rites‘ and the Liji 禮記 ‚Record of Rites‘). It is a Confucianist compilation of records about rites, ceremonies, protocols, and social customs.

A French translation by Séraphin Couvreur was published in 1916.

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