Rosny: Chan-Hai-King

[Léon de Rosny:] 山海經 Chan-Hai-King [Shanhaijing], antique géographie chinoise, traduite pour la première fois sur le texte original par Léon de Rosny. Tome I (Paris: Maisonneuve 1891)

  • Digitized: gallica
  • Bibliographic reference: BS 109 f. (referring to version published in separte pieces in the Mémoires de la Société des études japonaises, chinoises, tartares et indo-chinoises, etc.1885 and 1886)
  • Entry in Wiener China-Bibliographie

The Shanhai jing 山海經 (lit. „Collection of the Mountains and Seas“) is a (fabled) geographical and cultural account of pre-Qin China as well as a collection of mythology which is about 2200 years old.. The book is divided into eighteen sections which describes more than 550 mountains and 300 channels.

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