Kollár: Analecta monumentorum omnis aevi Vindobonensia

Adam Franz Kollár: Analecta monumentorum omnis aevi Vindobonensia, 2 vols. (Vindobonae: Trattner, 1761-1762).

  • Bibliographic reference: BS col. 1388 (on vol. 1,Sp. 1210-91, Latin translation of the Zhongyong (reprinted from the seventeenth-century Jesuit bilingual edition (Chinese/Latin)] and ibid., col.  3969 [on vol. 1, col. 1293-1302 on the dress of the Chinese]
  • Digitized: Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Düsseldorf [links to both volumes, digitized: 2011]
  • Entry in Wiener China-Bibliographie

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