Hackmann: Alphabetisches Verzeichnis zum Kao sêng ch’uan

Heinrich Friedrich Hackmann: Alphabetisches Verzeichnis zum Kao sêng ch’uan 高僧傳(Leiden: E.J. Brill 1923)

The Gaoseng zhuan 高僧傳  [Lives of Eminent Monks] by Hu Jiao 慧皎 (497-533)  is a compilation of biographies (often closer to hagiographies) of monks in China from the introduction 67 CE to the 16ch century. (Cf. Alvin P. Cohen: Introduction to Research in Chinese Source Materials (New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press 2000), p. 500). Hackmann’s Verzeichnis lists names in Chinese characters and in Wade-Giles-transcription with reference to the Gaoseng zhuan.

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