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Robert Sterling Clark/Arthur de C. Sowerby/C. H. Chapmell (ed.): Through Shên-kan : the account of the Clark expedition in north China, 1908-9 (London/Leipsic: T. Fisher Unwin 1912)

Through Shên-kan is the account of a expedition to the Shaanxi 陝西 and Gansu 甘肅 provinces of northern China in 1908-1909, which was funded by Robert Sterling Clark. On his journey, Clark was joined by the naturalist and writer, Arthur de Carle Sowerby. The book gives an account of their journey, including observations on geography, zoology, astronomy, geology, meteorology, and culture.

Chinese translation:
穿 越 陕 甘 克 拉 克 率 队 考 察 华 北 之 旅 ,1908 年 – 1909 年 由 罗 伯 特 . 斯 特 林 . 克 拉 克 和 亚 瑟 . de C. 索 尔 比 著 梅 杰 . C. H. 切 普 梅 尔 编 (2008)

Photographs taken during this expedition from the Sowerby Papers at the Smithsonian Institution Archives

[Robert Sterling Clark:] Field notebook (1908-1909) [Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Archives / Personal Series, Sterling and Francine Clark Papers]


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