Wade: Wên-chien tzu-erh chi

Thomad Francis Wade:  Wên-chien Tzŭ-erh Chi, a Series of Papers selected as Specimens of Documentary Chinese, designed to assist Students of the Language as written by the Officials of China : in sixteen parts, with key (London: Trübner 1867)

T. F. (Thomas Francis) Wade: 文件自邇集 Wên-chien tzu-erh chi; a series of papers selected as specimens of documentary Chinese. Second edition (Shanghai: Kelly and Walsh Ltd. 1905)

T. F. Wade: Key to Tzu erh chi – documentary series. Vol. 1, containing translations of paper 1-75 and notes to papers 1-65 inclusive (Shanghai: Kelly and Walsh 1905)

  • Digitized: Internet Archive (Book contributor: Robarts – University of Toronto, digitizing sponsor: University of Toronto)

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