Semedo: Imperio de la China …

[Alvaro Semedo [Semmedo] (1585-1658):]  Imperio de la China i cultura evangelica en èl por los religios [sic] de la Compañia de Iesus. Compuesto por el padre Alvaro Semmedo de la propia Compañia… ; publicado por Manuel de Faria i Sousa… ([Madrid] : Impresso por Iuan Sanchez en Madrid: a costa de Pedro Coello…, 1642)

Italian versions:
[Alvarez Semedo:] Relatione della grande monarchia della Cina del P. Alvaro Semedo… (Romae: sumpt. Hermanni Scheus 1643)

  • Digitized: Google Books (Original from Lyon Public Library, digitized 18 June 2012)
  • Bibliographic reference: BS 24, Walravens China illustrata Cat. No. 17
  • Entry in Wiener China-Bibliographie

Álvaro Semedo: Relatione della grande monarchia della Cina (Roma/Bologna: Gio. Recaldini 1678)

French versions:
[Alvarez Semedo:] Histoire universelle du grand royaume de la Chine, composée en Italien par le P. Alvarez Semedo Portugais, de la Compagnie de Jésus, et traduite en notre langue par Louis Coulon P., divisée en deux parties (Paris:  Sébastien Cramoisy et Gabriel Cramoily 1645)

Alvaro Semedo: Histoire Vniverselle De La Chine (Paris: Mabre-Cramoisy/Lyon: Prost 1667)

English version:
Alvaro Semedo: The history of that great and renowned monarchy of China. VVherein all the particular provinces are accurately described: as also the dispositions, manners, learning, lawes, militia, government, and religion of the people. Together with the traffick and commodities of that countrey. Lately written in Italian by F. Alvarez Semedo, a Portughess, after he had resided twenty two yeares at the court, and other famous cities of that kingdom. Now put into English by a person of quality, and illustrated with several mapps and figures, to satisfie the curious, and advance the trade of Great Brittain. To which is added the history of the late invasion, and conquest of that flourishing kingdom by the Tartars. With an exact account of the other affairs of China, till these present times. (London: Printed by E. Tyler for I. Crook 1655)

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