Neumann: Translations from the Chinese and Armenian

Charles Fried. Neumann: Translations from the Chinese and Armenian, with notes and illustrations (London: Oriental Translation Fund, 1831).

Contains translations of the following texts:
„History of the Pirates who infested the China Sea, from 1807 to 1810“ [Yuan Yonglun: Jinghai fenji]
„The Catechism of the Shamans; or, The laws and regulations of the priesthood of Buddha, in China“ [Zhu Hong: Shami luyi yaolüe]
„Vahram’s Chronicle of the Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia“

  • Bibliographic reference: BS col. 731 and 1900, Lust no. 98 and 699, Löwendahl, vol. 2, p. 111 f. (no. 882)
  • Digitized:
    > BSB (shelfmark A.or. 2366); BSB (A.or. 120-17); BSB (Geo.u. 528-cb3); on „Catechism of the Shamans“ see BSB (A.or. 5212), on the „History of the pirates who infested the China sea“ see BSB (A.or 5270)
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    > HATHI Trust (book contributor: University of Michigan; digitized: Google)
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