Odorico/Zambrini (ed.): Storia di Cambanau, di Taid e d’ altri luoghi dell’ India, narrata dal beato Ororico del Friuli anno 1330

Odorico <da Pordenone>/Francesco Zambrini (ed.): Storia di Cambanau, di Taid e d‘ altri luoghi dell‘ India, narrata dal beato Ororico del Friuli anno 1330 (Bologna: Fava e Garagnani 1866)

  • Digitized: Google Books (original from Harvard University, digitized 24 June 2008)
  • Entry in Wiener China-Bibliographie
  • For brief biographies of Odoric see Claudia von Collani: „ODORICO DA PORDENONE, Chinamissionar und -reisender“ in Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon, Band VI (1993) Sp. 1120-1122  (Bautz online: http://www.kirchenlexikon.de/o/odorico.shtml), and Otto Hartig, Odoric of Pordenone. In: The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company (1911).

Odorico da Pordenone (b. c. 1285/6  in Villanova/Pordenone (Friaul), m 4. april 1331 in Udine, Odoric of Pordenone (real name Odorico Mattiussi or Mattiuzzi; c. 1286 – 14 January 1331), a Franciscan, was an Italian missionary and traveler . His account of his visit to China (first printed in early 16th century) became an important source for the account of John Mandeville; many of the incredible reports in Mandeville have proven to be garbled versions of Odoric’s eyewitness descriptions.

A popular English translation is included in volume 1 of Sir Henry Yule’s Cathay and the Way Thither (1866), including bio-bibliographical remarks.

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