Marsden: Bibliotheca marsdeniana philologica et orientalis

William Marsden/University of London|King’s College/Library: Bibliotheca marsdeniana philologica et orientalis. A catalogue of books and manuscripts collected with a view to the general comparison of languages, and to the study of Oriental literature (London: Printed by J. L. Cox 1827)

William Marsden (1754–1836), a pioneer in the scientific study of Indonesia was sent to Sumatra by the East India Company, where he was promoted to the position of principal secretary to the government. While there, he acquired knowledge of Malay and of the counry. After returning to England, he published a history of Sumatra, a Grammar and a Dictionary of the Malay language and a translation of the Travels of Marco Polo. In 1834, he gave is collection of oriental coins to the British Museum and his library to King’s College London.

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