Gumpach: The treaty-rights of the foreign merchant

Johannes von Gumpach: The Treaty-Rights of the Foreign Merchant, and the Transit-System, in China; Considered with special reference to the views and opinions of Her Majesty’s Board of Trade, Her Majesty’s late and present Representatives in Peking, the Tsung-li Ya-mên, the Foreign Inspectorate-General of Chinese Maritime Customs, and the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce. Supported throughout by official documents partly unpublished ([Shanghai:] Printed at the Celestial Empire Office, [1875]).

Johannes von Gumpach (d. 1875), a British-naturalized professor of German origin had been engaged to teach mathematics and astronomy at the Tongwenguan 同文舘 (lit. School of Combined Learning), that had been established at Peking in the early 1860s to instruct young Chinese in the „Western“ sciences.

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