Ribadeneyra: Historia de las islas del archipielago y reynos de la Gran China

Marcello de Ribadeneyra: Historia de las islas del archipielago y reynos de la gran China, Tartaria, Cuchinchina, Malaca, Sian, Camboxa y Iappon, y de lo sucedido en ellos a los religiosos descalços (Barcelona: Gabriel Graells & Giraldo Dotil, 1601).

In this work, the „History of the Isles of the (Indian) Archipelago, and the Kingdoms of Great China, Tartary, Cochin-China, Malacca, Siam, Camboya, Japan; with what happened in them to the Religious of the barefooted friars of the order of St. Francis“. Marcelo de Ribadeneyra dealt with a great variety of subjects. Information on China and things Chinese may be found in the first thirteen chapters of the second book (pp. 93-144).
In the other parts of the book, Ribadeneyra provided not only the first printed account of Angkor but also a description of the persecution of Franciscan friars in Japan.

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