Mosheim: Historia Tartarorum Ecclesiastica

[Hermann Christian Paulsen,] Johann Lorenz Mosheim: [Historia Tartarorum Ecclesiastica] Historia Tartarorvm Ecclesiastica / Qvam Praeside Io. Lavrentio Moshemio … A. R. S. MDCCXXXXI. D. XVII. Aprilis In Ivleo Maiori Pvblico Ervditorvm Examini Svbiiciet Avctor Responsvrvs Hermannvs Christianvs Pavlsen Glvkstadio-Holsatvs … (Helmstadt: Schnorr 1741)

[Hermann Christian Paulsen,] Johann Lorenz Mosheim: Historia Tartarorum Ecclesiastica. Adiecta est Tartariae Asiaticae secundum recentiores geographos in mappa delineatio (Helmstadi: Apud Fridericum Christianum Weygand, 1741).

Johann Lorenz Mosheim: Authentick memoirs of the Christian Church in China: Being a series of facts to evidence the causes of the declension of Christianity in that empire. By John Laurence De Mosheim, chancellor of His Majesty’s University of Gottingen. Translated from the German. (London : Printed for J. and R. Tonson, and S. Draper, MDCCL. [1750])


On the background of this publication see the note in Löwendahl. On Mosheim see the entry in Neue Deutsche Biographie, vol. 18, p. 210 f. (Gernot Wießner; in German)

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