Pastoret: Zoroastre, Confucius et Mahomet

Claude Emmanuel de Pastoret: Zoroastre, Confucius et Mahomet, Comparés comme Sectaires, Législateurs et Moralistes; avec le Tableau de leurs Dogmes, de leurs Lois & de Leur Morale (Paris: Buisson 1787)

    Claude Emmanuel Joseph Pierre Pastoret: Zoroastre, Confucius et Mahomet: comparés comme sectaires, législateurs et moralistes, avec le … (Paris: Buisson 1788)

    • Digitized:
      > Internet Archive (Book from the collections of: New York Public Library, digitizing sponsor: Google)
      Google Books (provenance: New York Public Library; digitized: 19 June 2006)
    • Bibliographic references: BS 1412, JL 743
    • Entry in Wiener China-Bibliographie

    See also the review of the work (in Germna) in Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung No. 59b (8 March 1788) col. 641-646 (Digitized: Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Jena).

    On the life and work of Claude Emmanuel de Pastoret (1755-1840) see the information given by the Academie Francaise (in French, retrieved: 28 May 2010) as well as the database of the French National Assembly (including information on all French members since 1789; in French; retrieved: 28 May 2010)

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