Renaudot: Anciennes relations des Indes et de la China

Eusèbe Renaudot: Anciennes relations des Indes et de la China, de deux Voyageurs Mahomentans, qui y allerent dans le neuvième siècles; traduites d’arabe: avec des remarques sur les principaux endroits de ces relations (Paris: Jean-Baptiste Coignard, 1718)

English edition:
Ancient Accounts of India and China, by two Mohammedan Travellers. Who went to those Parts in the 9th Century; Translated from the Arabic, By the late Learned Eusebius Renaudot. With Notes, Illustrations and Inquiries by the same Hand (London: Printed for Sam. Harding, 1733).

  • Bibliographic reference: BS 1924, Lust no. 299
  • Digitized: Google Books (provenance: Princeton University; digitized: 18 September 2009)

This account of two Arabic travellers, who visited China and India in the ninth century, also saw an Italian edition in 1749. On the life and work of Eusèbe Renaudot (1646-1720) see Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon 8 (1994) col. 34-44 (C. Detlef G. Müller) on-line edition (in German)

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