Cobo: 辨正教真傳實錄 – Apología de la verdadera religión

Juan Cobo: 辨正教真傳實錄 [Bian Zhengjiao Zhenchuan Shilu] / Apología de la verdadera religión ([Manila] 1593)

Modern facsimile edition with Spanish text and English translation:
Juan Cobo/Fidel Villarroel (ed.): 辨正教真傳實錄 Pien cheng-chiao chen-ch’uan shih-lu = Apologia de la verdadera religion.  (Manila [Philippines] :  UST Press 1986)

J.A.C. Jiménez: “Spanish friars in the Far East: Fray Juan Cobo and his book Shi Lu.” Historia Scientiarum vol. 7–3 (1998), pp. 181– 198.
Liu Dun. “Western knowledge of geography reflected in Juan Cobo’s Shilu 《實錄》 (1593).” Paper presented at the Conference on the History of Mathematics: Portugal and the East II, Macao, October 11-12, 1998. (Online: 中国科学院自然科学史研究所 [pdf] <accessed March 30, 2013)


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